On Michel Sleiman’s Defensive Strategy

President Michel Sleiman proposed to Lebanese leaders Thursday a national defense strategy that would allow Hezbollah to keep its arms but place them under the command of the Lebanese Army, which would have exclusive authority to use force.

In a country where a political compromise is always taken optimistically, where political agreements, unity governments and national dialogues are always considered  beneficial even though they are most of the time useless, ineffective and unproductive, comes the latest invention: A consensual defensive strategy. This is a big step forward. But for many reasons, such a project shouldn’t cause so much enthusiasm. (more…)

Nasrallah’s Live Appearance And The Anti-Islam Movie

Image Courtesy Of AFP

The demonstrations and attacks in the Middle-East targeted the wrong people, judging the fact that the American government considered the movie to be disgusting and didn’t take part in its making. It’s basically like Nigerians attacking the American consulate because some racist man made a racist film. (more…)

Michel Samaha And The Acquittal Of Hezbollah?

مخبر: الحزب ما معو خبر بالموضوع؟

سماحة: عدة إيماءات نفي قاطعة


Informer: Does the party knows?

Samaha: Several denying gestures.

While reading the leaked interrogation transcripts published by Al-Joumhouria (See here, here, here, here and here), these sentences caught my attention. Of course, the whole plot is worth talking about, but I’m going to focus on these two phrases. (more…)

The Kidnapping Game

Hassan al-Mikdad in the custody of the Free Syrian Army

Hassan al-Mikdad in the custody of the Free Syrian Army

They weren’t human or inhuman. They were nonhuman.

That’s how Jean-Paul Kauffman quoted his co-detained in captivity Michel Seurat, who was abducted and died in captivity during the Lebanese Civil War.

It seems that  the Hostages War of the eighties resumed. But this time, the Americans and Europeans are replaced by Qataris, Turks and Syrians. This time, the abductions (more…)