What Is Moulahazat?

If you ask Google Translate, ملاحظات (Moulahazat) is an Arabic word that can be translated to “notes”, “reviews”, “feedback”, “observations” or “remarks”. Pretty much sums everything up.

Moulahazat is a Lebanese Political Blog where you can find notes and observations on Lebanese politics, analysis on political developments, and remarks on Lebanon’s political maneuvers. In a country where even colors are biased, one of the purposes of the blog is to keep an independent stance. As I mentioned earlier, Moulahazat can be translated into observations: To observe Lebanese politics and its media, but also to debate and criticize it. Feel free to comment on the posts whenever you like!

You can also follow the blog on Facebook and twitter (@moulahazat), or contact me via email (moulahazatblog@gmail.com).

About The Author

My name is Ramez Dagher. I’m a medical doctor with a huge interest in Lebanese politics. I have been following Lebanese politics for more than a decade, and blogging about it for more than seven years on this blog. I tweet @ramezdagher.