2016’s Epic Fail Quotes in Lebanese Politics

Nabil Nicolas Michel Aoun

This real Facebook post from a member of the parliament might be from 2015, but since it’s Christmas and Michel Aoun is now the President, it’s more relevant than ever 🙂 (Image source)

Since 2016 is finally ending, it is time to look back on the wisdom and guidance of Lebanese politicians. As a political blogger, I tend to read a lot of deep quotes, emotional tweets, and profound statements. So in order to welcome 2017, I’m sharing with you 17 of the most epic-fail quotes from Lebanese politics this year.

  • That moment our former President decided that “The Voice Kids” were better rulers than Lebanese politicians…
  •  That moment when a minister in the government asks us to pray because it might be the only solution (solving the issues via cabinet sessions is too mainstream?)
  • When an official statement by the FPM could have been a lyric from a Najwa Karam song:
  • When you take cliché quotes to a whole new level:
  • When you just have to be the guy who gives inspirational quotes:
  • When your childhood dream was to be a medical student:
  •  When a presidential candidate becomes a missionary:
  • When a presidential candidate compares himself to mothers:
  • Those geography skills > 
  • When you discover two words that almost sound the same and decide to use them in one sentence:
  • When you reveal your inner inception:
  • When the Lebanese MPs act like children so you decide to discipline them in the middle of a Presidential election:
  • When you’re not sure if it’s a Assi Hallani song or a Gebran Khalil Gebran quote and it turns out to be a Gebran Bassil tweet:
  •  When Walid Jumblatt actually quotes Gebran Khalil Gebran and becomes so dark and deep…
  •  …because he’s usually supposed to be a French/Arabic scholar in government formations…
  •  …who live tweets the presidential elections from the parliament…
  •  …and congratulates the President with weird emojis and creepy Roman paintings.

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