Lebanon National Football Team

Football and Politics (Or How The Lebanese React The Same Everywhere)

Hassan is raised in celebration of Lebanon’s win over Iran. (Image Courtesy of the Daily Star).

If we’re to believe Fifa.com, Lebanon faces an uphill battle in Qatar on 14 November in their next outing, with victory potentially lift them into the section’s top two. I think everyone remembers the day we made it to the fourth round for the first time in our history last year. I also see that it’s noteworthy to highlight how the Lebanese react to Football in Lebanon and how – in a way or another – we react to politics the same way we react to sports.

Opportunist Media. Felix Baumgartner, the Fassouh Building and the Ashrafieh Explosion are only examples of times when the Lebanese Television Channels can boost their popularity. Last year they found in the Korean-Lebanese Match (That ended 2-1 in the favor of Lebanon) the perfect event to show that they support the National team. The “Mabrouk Lebnen” 5 min-advertisement for the following few days is a perfect investment of the human market that had just emerged: Lebanese National team fans. (more…)