Lebanon’s Saudi Cables – Part II: The Diplomatic Proof That Saudi Arabia Funded The Lebanese Forces

UPDATE: The cable in this post has the same ID as this cable, so until further notice, this cable could be a fake one.

UPDATE II: As one of the blog’s readers argues, many documents share the same ID code which means that maybe it’s not a unique code but some label for filing purpose with the Saudi ministry. Anyway, you can make what you want of it (I wisely suggest that you all stick to the propaganda of your party because you’ll feel safe and cosy). The only purpose here is to find anything interesting related to Lebanon among the Saudi cables and put it on the blog.

In case you still haven’t known by now, WikiLeaks began publishing on Friday The Saudi Cables: More than half a million cables and other documents from the Saudi Foreign Ministry that contain secret communications from various Saudi Embassies around the world.

This post is the second of a series of leaks I found worth sharing here on the blog.

This cable is the diplomatic proof that Saudi Arabia helped the Lebanese Forces in their finances. In it, the Saudi foreign minister Saoud Al Faisal tells us that Samir Geagea’s man Elie Abou Assi met the Saudi ambassador and told him that the LF are struggling financially especially that they are countering two pro-Syrian foes (the Maronite patriarch and Aoun) and that Geagea is ready to travel to the KSA in order to solve the financial issues. The ambassador also said that the LF were ready to do as the Kingdom says. The wise Foreign minister also suggested that Sunni politicians be invited too (probably so that it doesn’t look fishy).

I think I just broke a record here by publishing two posts in less than an hour, but this is huge. There’s finally proof that Lebanese politicians (presidential candidates even!) are funded by the embassies.

In case you read Arabic, enjoy it:
Saudi Arabia Funding Samir Geagea

يرقبن صادرة البرفبة :………………………………………………………….. رف٢٠ اللف : …………………….. التاديخ ; ٧٠٠٠٨٧٣٨٧٢ للرففات: خادم اكرمين ١كريغين رسس جس الوزراء حفظه الله اتشرف بالرفع للنظر الكريم ان السفير في بيروت الئش ايلي ابو عاصي موفد الدكتور سمير جعجع أرنيس حزب القوات اللبنانية” الذي تحدث عن صعوبة الأوضاع المالية التي يمرون بها في القوات وعجزهم عن تأمين رواتب العاملين لديهم والوفاء بتكاليف حماية رئيسهم الدكتور جعجع لاسيما في ظروف المواجهة الحالية ٠ع بعضى الزعامات المسيحية المتعاطغة مع النظام السوري مثل ميشال عون والبطريريك الماروني ٠ مشيرا الى ان الدكتور جعجع جاهز للسفر للمملكة لعرضن وضعهم المالي المتدهور على قيادتها ٠ ونقل السفير ان القوات اللبنانية تعد القوة الحقيقية التي تقف امام مخططات حزب الله وموقف قائدها ثابت ضد النظام السوري ويبدي استعداذ للعمل بتوجيهات المملكة . وارى اذا استحسن المقام الكريم انه اذا كان هناك رغبة لدى المملكة لدعوة زعامات مسيحية ان يتم ايضا دعوة زعاماتا سنية . أرجوإنضل بالتوجيه اطال الله عمركم وادام عزكم . If1″ V سعود الفيصل وزير الخارجية

(Link to the original cable on WikiLeaks)



  1. I read and re-read the cable and I see no proof that anyone paid anyone. About “the LF were ready to do as the Kingdom says.” Maybe the ambassador thought so, but that’s clearly not what happened with the S-S deal nor with the election law nor with the LF not joining the Salam government and many other issues.


    1. There’s proof that they were willing to accept Saudi money and that they asked for financial help (that’s enough). And if I’m not mistaken, Geagea did travel afterwards.
      And I was clear that those were the ambassador’s thoughts (but it’s interesting to see how the foreigners think about the Lebanese).
      I also never said that the cable was related to the Salam cabinet or any other issues. At least as far as that cable is concerned.


      1. Actually it doesn’t have to be about money. Walid bin Talal controls a great deal of LF assets due to the Pierre Daher debacle, and Saudi Arabia could use its influence to resolve the many pending lawsuits. Anyway, what’s important is that the LF has always acted independently and often contrary to Saudi wishes.
        What the cable does prove is that the LF is in a bad financial situation. Perhaps this finally debunks the rumors that LF has been on Saudi payroll since 2005.


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